Want to retire with 8 digit figure as your corpus? 10 Crore in your Bank Account? Yes you can do that even if you are in your 30’s . Though it sounds ambitious and difficult to achieve, proper planning, Investing in discipline, and calculative risk taking can make this possible. Just Rs 15000/- per month investment as per the plan can help you achieve the goal.

Inflation eats away most of retirement saving. Consider your current monthly expenses are Rs 50,000/- you will require more than 5 Lakh Rs per month after 30 Years to live the same life style as today and maintain same standard of living. A proper planning at right age is necessary and the right age is moment you start earning. The early you start saving and investing will yield you great returns.

We mostly land up saving or investing fix amount every month and it continues for years. We need to increase our investment based on how our earning or salary increase. Most of employee receive annual increment of 10% so he should increase investment by 10% yearly based on his risk profile and portfolio of investment.

There is no standard formula, however you can depending upon your risk taking ability make following investment. Depending upon Risk Profile we have provided break u of Rs 15000/- to be invested in following option. Do note in first year you have to invest Rs 15000/- in second year it should be increase by 10% i.eRs 16500/- and so on. As it is assumed your earning will grow at minimum 10% per annum


Start With Per Month

Returns Expected

Conservative Investors

Moderate Investors

Aggressive Investors

Employee Provident Fund and VPF





Fixed Deposit / Debt Fund / Small Saving





Debt Corpus After 30 Years


5.05 Crore

3.82 Crore

1.91 Crore

Equity / Equity Mutual Fund

12-14 %




National Pension Scheme - NPS

10-12 %




Equity Corpus After 30 Years


2.52 Crore

5.88 Crore

9.24 Crore

Total Corpus after 30 Years


7.57 Crore

9.70 Crore

11.15 Crore



Employment Provident Fund and Provident Fund:

Employee who PF is deducted has an advantage of discipline saving. Further businessmen and professional should open a PF account for saving and long term investment in conservative mode. They will earn fix rate and that too tax free at the time of retirement.

Fixed deposit / Debt Fund and Small Saving

These are for conservative investors who are not willing to take risk. However always remember to allocate some portion of your investment in fixed deposit or debt. I worst case scenario like economy collapsing or stock market impact this can save you your basic money requirement and help during your retirement days

National Pension Scheme – NPS

This is new method and is currently giving better return than other traditional method of retirement planning. If you are in early age of 30 start investment in auto mode can get you good return with mix of debt and equity

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Save Tax by Additional deduction under National Pension Scheme

Equity Funds / Mutual Funds

SIP is the best way to invest in Equities and spread risk of your portfolio. Investing discipline manner can earn you good return over long run. You cannot expect compounded return of 20 to 30% in equity. It is a myth. We have to assume a realistic picture. In our example we have assumed return of 12% compounded for 30 years.

Concluding, retirement fund of 10 crore is easily possible if you save in a planned manner. There are caution point to be noted in other investment avenues which we have not considered. Pension Plan has very high charges it will eat into your Returns so it’s better to avoid them. Similarly Life Insurance is only to cover risk at the time of uncertain event. Most of people even educated one go for endowment plans which cover less Risk gives and give tax free return at end, however overall return in Insurance product is not more than 6 percentage

If you have missed to start at 30 and you are starting at 40 you need to increase your month on month investment. And I am sure if you have start saving at the age of 20 you will have corpus of more than 20 Crore at the time of retirement.

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article author Jitendra Singh
Posted On:  2 years ago

What are the best options for Central government employees in terms of tax savings whom pension is given by govt after retirement

article author CA Chirag Chauhan
Posted On:  2 years ago

@ Jitendra - it depends upon your age risk profile, current saving and investment. you can mail me detials so that we can review and take it forward

article author Vipul SOni
Posted On:  2 years ago

Hello, Mr. Chirag, MY Self Vipul Soni. right now i am working abroad. My age is 40 running. Can you suggest how to invest money for while i am working abroad and save money. I read your blog really appreciate so, i think i would like to ask for invest money for kid.

article author CA Chirag Chauhan
Posted On:  2 years ago

@ Vipul - Do mail me details of Family members and present Investment at chirag@cachauhan.in

article author Neela Prashant Khona
Posted On:  1 year ago

Hi Mr. Chirag, Your articles are toooooooo good! Your thinking power is commendable and your solutions are unique. I have become your regular follower after I read your article on "0 tax with CTC of Rs. 12 Lacs p.a." I am very thankful to you for publishing such enlightened articles and giving us a different dimension to normal matters. I request you to continue writing such great articles and sharing great ideas with us. Kudos to you!! Thanks $ Regards, Neela

article author CA Chirag Chauhan
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Thanks @ Neela

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CA Chirag Chauhan

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