Posted On:  12 months ago

Basic of Permanent Account Number PAN as per Income Tax - FAQ

A layman at the time of opening his bank account must be asked by the bank officials to provide his PAN no and copy of his PAN. The person may feel that he is hearing this word (PAN) for the first time and gets confused. By having a view on this article he may get his confusion run away from him. This article provides an overview on provisions related to PAN. What is PAN what are the various benefits obtained from PAN. Unique features hidden in PAN no who is liable to apply for PAN

article author CA Chirag Chauhan

Posted On:  1 year ago

Basic Information about PAN - Permanent Account Number of Income Tax - FAQ

The Article deals with basic of PAN, its uses, benefits of obtaining PAN, transaction for which PAN is mandatory, documents required for PAN application, and how PAN is useful with various Frequently asked Question in related to PAN

article author CA Chirag Chauhan