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Rights of a Married Daughter as per Hindu succession Act in Ancestral Property

Keeping the aforesaid position of Hindu Law, in its 174th Report (May 2000), the Law Commission of India was of the view that the gender reforms were called for to ensure equality. The Commission noted the fact that in various States such as Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Karnataka, attempts had already been made to bring about the gender equality.

article author Varsha Kewalramani

Posted On:  10 months ago

Supreme Court Judgement on Transfer of Flat to Nominee

Land Mark Judgement: Nominee of Deceased Member is absolutely entitled for the Ownership by transfer, Co-op. Soc can't challenge the right of Nominee a settled Law of the land. No legal heirship, court order or succession certificate is required. Please circulate, important for society members and  office bearers.

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Posted On:  12 months ago

How to avoid clubbing of minor child income with parents

Firstly, to start with what does clubbing of income really mean? Generally a person is liable to pay tax on his/ her earnings only. But under certain circumstances inclusion i.e., clubbing of other persons income is done in the assessee’ s income and thereby he will be liable to pay tax of his income as well as income of that other person too whose income is so clubbed. This inclusion of other person’s income in the assessee‘s income is termed as “Clubbing of income”.

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How to reduce tax liability through HUF?

In this article we will discuss how to reduce the Tax Liability using HUF. As it is a separate legal entity in the eyes of Income Tax Act.

article author CA Kapil Goel

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Income from house property – Rental Income Taxability, Composite Rent, Let out property and Interest benefit on Loan. - FAQ

The article provides an overview about the various provisions of income tax act applicable to persons having income from house property. The benefit of home loan interest which is deductible from the house property income the benefit of the self occupied. Below are some FAQs on Income from house property.

article author CA Chirag Chauhan

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Income Tax Benefit for taking Life Insurance Policy 80C, Health Insurance 80D, and Expenditure on Medical Treatment 80DD

Payment of premium on life insurance policy and health insurance policy not only gives insurance cover to a taxpayer but also offers certain tax benefits. In this part you can gain knowledge about deductions available to a taxpayer on account of payment of life insurance premium, payment of health insurance premium and expenditure on medical treatment.

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Eight ways to escape Income Tax legally In India

Times are difficult to hold Black Money. Why not Plan in advance and Save on Taxes. There are few ways if applied can be huge potential to save your hard earned money

article author CA Chirag Chauhan