Posted On:  6 months ago

Filed IT Return, got Income Tax Intimation or Notice? Know what to do next

The Deadline for filing Income Tax Return which was 5th August. Central Processing Center (CPC) of Income Tax have started processing return and sending various intimation and notices. The processing of Income Tax returns have expedited compared to previous years and most of returns are processed within month time. The communication or intimation are usually send by Email with hard copy at address mention in ITR. Do check all communication you received on the register email id and check under which section you have received intimation or notice and respond

article author CA Chirag Chauhan

Posted On:  2 years ago

How to tackle with income tax notices

usually any communication from the Income Tax department, especially receiving a notice from them, can send shivers down anyone's spine. A majority of the notices is sent in the normal course of processing returns& might be for routine enquiry or a request for simple clarification, so don't be panic.


Posted On:  2 years ago

How to Deal with Scrutiny Notice from Income Tax Department

Received income tax notice for Scrutiny undersection 143(2), please don’t panic. A notice from income tax department under Section 143(2) is every tax payer’s worst nightmare.

article author CA Chirag Chauhan

Posted On:  3 years ago

How To Reply To Different Income Tax Notices

These days people are getting different types of notices/intimations from the Income Tax department by different modes such as delivery by post or by an e-mail.

article author CA Pratik Anand