Posted On:  1 year ago

Rights of a Married Daughter as per Hindu succession Act in Ancestral Property

Keeping the aforesaid position of Hindu Law, in its 174th Report (May 2000), the Law Commission of India was of the view that the gender reforms were called for to ensure equality. The Commission noted the fact that in various States such as Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Karnataka, attempts had already been made to bring about the gender equality.

article author Varsha Kewalramani

Posted On:  2 years ago

Supreme Court Judgement on Transfer of Flat to Nominee

Land Mark Judgement: Nominee of Deceased Member is absolutely entitled for the Ownership by transfer, Co-op. Soc can't challenge the right of Nominee a settled Law of the land. No legal heirship, court order or succession certificate is required. Please circulate, important for society members and  office bearers.

article author CA Chirag Chauhan

Posted On:  2 years ago

WILL-Important points, Tax Advantages of will and Format of WILL

Why you require a will? Will enables a person to put forth in legal form his wishes after his death or even during the course of his lifetime as to how he wants to distribute his property or estate, to whom and in what proportion etc.

article author Dharmesh Jain

Posted On:  3 years ago

Daughter has as much share as the son in the joint family property - Hindu inheritance law

Despite a historic amendment in 2005, the Hindu inheritance law still suffers from gender bias. It is 10 years since the daughter has been brought on a par with the son under the Hindu Succession Act, 1956 (HSA).

article author CA Chirag Chauhan