Posted On:  3 months ago

GST: Clarification on one third deemed deduction on transfer of Land

Real Estate projects based on Joint Venture Agreements entered into by a Developer and a Land Owner, if otherwise legal and proper as per the governing laws, are also eligible for the deemed deduction as specified in para 2 supra. However the said deemed deduction is not available for units transferred to the Land Owner by the Developer.

article author One Roof Consultant

Posted On:  2 years ago

Most Litigated Matters Under Income Tax Laws

Summary of several provisions in the Income Tax laws which has given rise to litigations and which requires modification with a view to ensure certainty and predictability in tax laws.

article author Shivam Tara

Posted On:  2 years ago

Capital Gains Meaning, Calculation of Long Term Short Term Capital Gains, Gift and Exemption from Capital Gains

Know basics of Capital gains as per income tax act, 1961, This article addressees what is capital asset and capital gain as per income tax act, 1961.

article author CA Chirag Chauhan

Posted On:  2 years ago

Taxability of Immovable Properties Transferred below Stamp Duty value

As a general public we have tendency to save taxes by adopting various tricks and transactions. A lot of black money is generated through transfer of various types ...

article author CS Deepak Pratap Singh